Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the year

The Competition

Every month we run a monthly themed photo contest giving away great prizes from the amazing brands that we work with on our online store.

In conjunction with the monthly photography competition, we have now launched a Photographer of the Year award with a grand cash prize of £1000 for the overall winner and £250 for the runner up, kindly sponsored by Lexar.

How To Win

To win the Photographer of the Year award you must accumulate as many points as possible throughout the year. 50 points are given every month to the picture with the most public votes and 40 to 2nd place, 30 to 3rd place, 20 to 4th place and lastly 10 to the 5th most voted on image.

The winner will be announced after the December 2016 photo competition ends.

How To Enter

Visit our current monthly competition using the link below. You will also find the latest entries as well as the Terms & Conditions.

Enter the October Photography Competition here

How To Vote

Votes can be cast by clicking on the button below each image as shown in this picture below. Voters can only vote for one image per monthly competition.

MyMemory Photography Competition Vote Button

Winning images from September 2016 competition

Winning images from August 2016 competition

Winning images from July 2016 competition

Winning images from June 2016 competition

Winning images from May 2016 competition

Winning images from April 2016 competition

Winning Images from March 2016 competition

Winning images from February 2016 competition

Here is the list of the photographers that have gained points during the monthly competition.

1. Liftedfuture – 330 points

2. Pgenovese – 140 points

3. D Flack –120 points

4. Gilang7211 – 120 points

5. Andros Nic – 70 points

6. Faye – 70 points

7. Gabrield – 60 points

8. Chriskifun – 40 points

9. Gchaddy – 40 points

10. Camelia – 30 points

11. Pawalzygmunt – 30 points

12. Philu – 30 points

13. Raitt – 30 points

14. Vertigo_UK1 – 30 points

15. nat2005 – 30 points

16. Ljut – 20 points

17. Ajayclivard – 10 points