Friday Roundup #7

friday roundup

Pack your things and wait for your ride to Mars. Remember to bring the new dust-proof Leica so you can take pictures of the red planet and post them on Facebook. Don’t forget to say goodbye to your friends by making a few calls using the device implanted in your head. And don’t worry – you’ll be back just in time for the next Star Wars movie, since it got delayed by seven months.

Now decide which aspects of this scenario are true and which ones are just a matter of time.

Check out this weeks articles to clear things up:

  • Leica released its first waterproof and dust-proof camera.
  • Samsung is building chips for the next-generation gaming graphics. The new DRAM will be the world’s fastest by a long shot.
  • Retro gamers rejoice: Atari will release a package of 100 of its classic games for PC this year, with support for multiplayer action.
  • Here is an interesting visualisation of Tor’s data. For a tool that is meant to serve as a clock of online anonymity, Tor is surprisingly transparent.
  • Explore Salvador Dali’s paintings with virtual reality.
  • Here is how a $400 book is made from scratch.
  • Can’t get out of bed like an adult? Try this “Mimicker Alarm” by Microsoft.
  • A software developer created a neural network with the scripts for every episode of Friends and it learned to generate new scenes.
  • Garmin launches a fitness watch for watersports.
  • Amazon will now order automatically your detergent when you’re running low. We’re one step closer to giving ourself up to a life of laziness.
  • Check out the Kickstarter campaign of the PINE A64, the first $15 64-Bit Single Board Super Computer.
  • The UK’s chief scientific adviser has urged the government to adopt the technology that powers crypto-currency Bitcoin to run various public services.
  • The fifth annual chart of the internet’s worst passwords is out. One would think people know better by now not to use 123456…
  • A new highest known prime number has been calculated, clocking in at nearly 5 million digits more than the previous.
  • The mobile phone of the future will possibly be implanted in your head. It does’t sound so crazy anymore.
  • Scientists are starting to think very seriously about how can we build a city on Mars.
  • The US military is building an implantable neural device that would allow the human brain to communicate directly with a computer. Anyone seen the TV series Intelligence?
  • Disney announced that Star Wars Episode VIII will be delayed by seven months.
  • Buckingham Palace virtual reality tour will make you dream of high tea with the Queen.
  • 40 countries are working on killer robots and there is no law to say how to use them.
  • Today our entire world is build on currency exchange. Here is an article that takes a look at how the means of exchange evolved over time.

Have a great weekend!